Wild Rice Powwow in Danbury, Wisconsin

Hats off to the Saint Croix Band of Chippewa!

The 48th Wild Rice Powwow was held in Danbury, Wisconsin at the St. Croix Casino headquarters. Numerous singing groups performed and tribal elder Jean Songetay was honored at age 101.

Mark Your Calendar! The next powwow is scheduled for August 11-13, 2023 at the Danbury, WI casino. The grand entry times will be as follows:

  • Friday, August 11 at 7pm
  • Saturday, August 12 at 1pm and 7pm
  • Sunday, August 13, at 1pm

Tribal members are very proud of the rice festival and say that the drumbeats represent their heartbeats. They are delighted to have all visitors, not only native people, take part in the dancing and to have fun and enjoy themselves.

The Danbury Casino provided a meal for participants. Dancers and singing groups come primarily from Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota but also come from all over the Midwest and Canada.

Wild Rice Powwow Video

Our interviews include casino manager Loren Benjamin, tribal education director Karen Washington, Thomas Fowler of the Tribal Council and several others. The video also includes dancing, drums and singing, and also a photo montage of the attendees. There is a video of the P-Town Singers and Bad Town Singers.

In the words of the participants of the Wild Rice Powwow…

The drum beat is your heartbeat…its a great way to get back to your ancestors.

Dawn Schulze

It’s been really good to be a part of it and see it take place.

Loren Benjamin

At the Rice Powwow, you are learning about your culture.

Karen Washington

The drums represent the heartbeat of our people….we are coming together as one.

Thomas Fowler

It’s good food, good people and good times.

Tyler Buck

I just love seeing people together and having a good time!


It’s our way of sharing our heritage and our culture. It’s very important.

Lisa Mosay

Our parents are the ones that taught us how to dance. We traveled around to many powwows.

Mary Rogers

I’m just thankful to be here. Its very important to me to be together with everybody to continue our traditions.

Teah Lightfeather, Miss St. Croix Wild Rice

Everyone is welcome at these gatherings. You just need to get out there and dance.

Jazzmine Long, St. Croix Tribal Princess

The rice festival is a long-standing tradition of the tribe.

Michael Sullivan, MC

Photo Gallery

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