Minneopa State Park in Minnesota

Hats off to Minneopa State Park! Minneopa State Park is only an hour and a half from the Twin Cities and so makes an easy day trip. The park is beautiful, as you would expect with any state park. But what makes this one special is the herd of bison! Efforts have been made to keep this particular herd more pure blood than many bison herds. Bison can breed with cattle, and so the bison you may see at other parks may have a lower percentage of bison genes.

An unusual feature of the park is that it is in two parts. On part has the buffalo herd and the Seppman Mill, and the other has the waterfall and campground. The waterfall is beautiful, and there are nice paths through the park to view it. It is a well maintained park.

Reservations for camping

Bison Cows and Calves
The Bison herd in Minnesota at Minneopa State Park
Seppman Mill at Minneopa State Park. It is on the National Register of Historic Places

Directions to the Park

There are two parts to the park and you need to drive between them. One part is the bison herd where you can drive through a trail to see the bison from your car. The other part has beautiful hiking trails, wildlife, and a waterfall.

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  1. smetoxen on February 6, 2020 at 5:11 am

    This park was a surprise to me. I wanted to go see it because I wanted to see the bison herd. The name of my company is White Buffalo LLC (https://whitebuffalowebsites.com) so I always want to take pictures of buffalo. The park is a Minnesota treasure, and was not crowded, even in the middle of summer. I plan to spend more time there.