Hats off to Photographer Dick Kettlewell!

Photographing the beauty of the South Dakota Black Hills

We never miss a chance to drive through the Black Hills. On this trip, it was a little quiet driving through the Black Hills in December 2020, especially during the pandemic. Traffic was light and most of the area businesses were closed. That is why we were so pleasantly surprised to stop by the Dakota Cowboy Cafe in Custer, South Dakota, and meet Dick Ketterwell.

We ordered some breakfast meals to go and waited in the lobby area. Looking around, we saw a display of amazing wildlife photography! We asked about it, and Dick Ketterwell, the photographer, was there to answer questions about the photography.

Dick is an expert in the flora and fauna in the area. For example, I pointed out my favorite photo to Dick, a photo of a baby “antelope”. Dick explained that what is often called “antelope” is actually a Pronghorn, and that Pronghorn are more closely related to a goat than to an antelope. He truly knows his photography subjects well!

Where to find Dick Kettlewell’s Work

A paperback book of Dick Kettlewell’s artwork can be purchased from Amazon.com. His photography has been featured in the South Dakota Magazine and will be featured again in January 2021. His photo is the first one in the staff favorites for 2017 for South Dakota Magazine. In addition, he has several photographs in this article in the New York Times from 2007.

The Dakota Cowboy Cafe

This Dick Kettlewell sells his art out of the Dakota Cowboy Cafe in Custer, South Dakota.

P.S. The food at the Dakota Cowboy Cafe was absolutely delicious!