Eclipse 2017 in Cameron, Missouri

Hat’s off to Frank Eisenbraun and Cameron, Missouri

Visited date: August 21, 2017
Location: McCorkle Park, West 3rd Street, Cameron, MO

For the eclipse we headed down Interstate 35 from the Minneapolis-St. Paul to the closest place in the path of totality Cameron, Missouri! Once there, we joined a group in McCorkle Park to share the eclipse experience.

We met Frank and Jenny Eisenbraun, who had brought a telescope for viewing the experience. As shown in the video, Frank taught us all about what to expect during the eclipse, and allowed the nearby kids to look through his telescope. While we had a lot of cloud cover, we enjoyed each viewing of the eclipse when there was a break in the clouds. The clouds over the sun and moon made for some truly interesting videos of the experience. Hats off to Frank for so generously sharing of his time and expertise!

After the eclipse, there was the expected line of cars waiting to get out of town and back home. Cameron, Missouri was so kind as to have staff there directing traffic. It is a kind gesture for their town to plan for us and help us all that way. We had a great day in a really nice little city. Thank you, Cameron!