Braham Pie Day

Hat’s off to the Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota

In 1990, Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich declared the little city of Braham to be the “Homemade Pie Capital of Minnesota”.  Braham Pie Day was born! Before Interstate 35 was built, Twin Cities residents drove through Braham, Minnesota, on their way to their lake homes. On the way, they would stop at the Park Cafe in Braham. Braham’s Park Cafe became famous for its delicious pies. The original proclamation hangs on display near the cash register in the cafe!

Over the years the event has grown to encompass more than pie, although pie is the overarching theme for the event.

  • Sweet as Pie Car Show
  • Pie Baking Contest
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Recycled Pie Tin Art Contest
  • Pie Day Cookbook
  • Pie Alluia Chorus

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“Welcome to Braham, and we are SO EXCITED TO EAT SOME PIE!”

Tracy Fix, Pie Committe

Over 1,100 pies are served in one day!

Braham Pie Day Videos

Videographer Bob Metoxen attended the event in August 2022. Katie Blomdahl contributed some footage of the pie preparation.

This video includes interviews with:

  • Tracy Fix, Pie Committee
  • Jamie Amundson, food truck vendor “Wishbone”
  • Polly Grossbach, Pie Volunteer
  • Braham Ambassador, Alison Murrell
  • Mayor Patricia “Tish” Carlson
  • Tim Szmiot, Car collector from St Paul

Because the event was so much fun, Bob Metoxen created a short video trailer of the event:

Photos of the Braham Pie Day 2022